Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pillow Presents

I decided to make a few pillows at the last minute to sort of round out my gift list.  Pillows are fun to make for me.  It's a small project that can be completed in a short time and usually I have the supplies on hand.  Here's what I came up with:

For a fish loving family member:
(Maybe someday I'll learn how to tile pictures.)  That's the front and back of the same pillow.  And I got to use my ten cent/yard bargain find cording.  Also on my "some day" list is learning how to get the binding tighter.  I use a zipper foot, but perhaps I need a cording foot?

This next pillow was made for a family member in a nursing home.  I was hoping that the shape would be useful for positioning.  I embroidered their name on it since things in nursing homes have a way of disappearing.  I put paper over the name in the picture for privacy.  This one is made out of flannel for softness and purposely has no binding to prevent pressure points.


  1. Pretty pillows! I LOVE the fishy fabric on the first one - do you remember who it is by or what it is called?
    (P.S: try picmonkey.com for easy photo tiling - it's free and fun!)

  2. What thoughtful cushions. I'm planning to make cushions for family members for birthdays next year, but I need to get going, the first birthday is in early January.

  3. How sweet of you and what pretty work:)