Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Return of the Prodigal Pillows

My pillows have finally returned home.  I posted about some pillows I made for son #1.  I was pretty pleased with those pillows and was anxious for him to get them.  Because of where he lives, I hesitate to send anything and have it just left at his door.  So I sent the package priority and certified via the USPS.  That was at the beginning of February.  You have 15 days to pick up such a package before they are supposed to send it back.  Well, son #1 works a distance from his home post office.  And like many post offices their hours are limited.  In fact the only time he has to pick up a package is a Saturday morning.  For some reason, he missed the short window.  When he finally went to the post office they told him that they no longer had the package.  Two weeks later it still hadn't come to me so I inquired at my own post office and was told that it wasn't scanned to "return to sender" until February 29 and that it should come to me any day.  In fact, I got the package back the very day of my inquiry.

But here is the weird thing.  While the package was en route back to me, son #1 received yet another package notice and thinking it was a different package went to his post office this past Saturday only to be told that the notice was for the same box of pillows that he had been told two weeks prior was NO longer in the post office and that had been scanned to return to me three days before he went to pick it up! 

I"m glad the pillows are accounted for and I"m going to just hold on to them until we see each other face to face.  But I do wonder about the business practice of a business that is struggling but continues to have hours that are inconvenient for many of it's customers and that tells you to pick up a package that isn't even there. 

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