Monday, March 5, 2012

The Comfort of Old Things

We just bought a "new to us" car.  It's a 2008 model with only 20,000 miles and six months of the original bumper to bumper warranty remaining.  All told it was a great buy as any good used car can be.  But beyond the economics of it, I like the comfort of driving a used car.  There is no concern about being the first to ruin the perfect condition of the paint or to be the first to spill something because chances are, someone has already done that.  Don't get me wrong.  This car is in very good condition but somehow it feels more comfortable to allow my dog to ride in the back or to park next to other cars in a busy parking lot. 

I think this feeling of comfort extends to other old things, too.  I like to dress up in nice clothes, but I also like to pull on my old jeans and tee shirt and not worry if I splatter something on me or if I get dirt on my knees when kneeling down and do some spontaneous weeding.  There are many acceptable appearances for old or used but only one for brand new.  Maybe it would be good to extend this observation to ourselves.  Perhaps instead of trying to maintain that "new" look as we age, we should just embrace the comfort of our aged looks. Other cultures do this and it seems we might be healthier to follow suit.  That being said,  I'm a LONG way from going out in public without my makeup.  Really, now, a girl needs her limits. 

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