Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Paper Pieced Beach House

A few months ago I mentioned in a previous post hat we often stop at a fabric store on our way to the beach.  I may have also mentioned that on our recent trip the husband added a kit for a paper pieced beach scene to my check out pile.  I'm not sure he really knew what it was - only that he liked the picture and thought our son would like to have it for Christmas.

I've done some paper piecing before but nothing this small.  But, I stuck with it, made my share of mistakes and I think the end result turned out well:
The house is a bit wonky....although it wasn't meant to be.  But I tell myself that once it's hanging on the wall who can tell if the house is off or the piece isn't hung straight?  And, besides, a lot of beach houses truly are wonky in real life!


  1. That's cute. I really enjoy paper piecing and I've done enough now not to make too many mistakes, although I don't think I'll ever get it all right first time. So, do you plan to do some more now?

  2. It turned out just great Nina! I love it, and he will too! I love the swimming suits hanging on the line!