Monday, October 31, 2011

October Recap

October in this part of the country usually consists of crisp, sunny days slowly declining in temperature and length and gently ushering in the holiday season.  This year, however, was the most unusual October I remember.  We started with some very sudden cold temperatures making our arts and craft festival on the first weekend of the month less enjoyable than usual. That was followed by a week or so of rain, rain, rain.  Then we had the more normal crisp fall days that are so pleasant you don't want them to end and you don't want to come into the house.  But you can't ignore the fact that the days continue to get shorter and shorter. 

October saved the craziest for last this year, though.  We ended the month with a snow storm!  Snow often doesn't appear here until January although a late November snow is not unheard of.  I've been told that this was the first October snow since 1979.  It looked like was got about five inches and most of the accumulation was on the grassy areas, although the roads became slush covered.  The trees took a big hit, though.  Many of them are still bearing leaves so the heavy wet snow made for heavy, wet and eventually broken branches around the neighborhood.  Our electricity flickered a bit but never went completely out.  And we had our first overnight frost of the season. 

I love the change of seasons and I love them even more now that I'm retired.  I can enjoy the days as they come without regard to weather it's a work day or not.  I can spontaneously change my plans according to the weather from a gardening day to a quilting day or whatever.  I can enjoy the snow from inside my house without worry about having to drive to work in it and I can walk the dog whenever the conditions seem the best for a walk, not at a particular time.  But it IS time to stock up on some hot chocolate!

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